Youth and Sports Minister Nii Lante Vanderpuye says the only mafia working against Ministers at the sector is their huge debt.

The turnover at the ministry is alarming with the current NDC government having appointed eight sector heads in the last seven years.

 The situation has often been attributed to a certain "mafia "at the ministry working against all the ministers.

 Before assuming office Nii Lante indicated at parliamentary vetting he was ready to hack down the mafia.

After close to three months in office, he has a perception of what the mafia truly is.

“The Mafia we have is the debt. The Ministry has put us in a huge debt."

"Almost every day, we have one law suit or the other on our table or petition making demands of you."

"We owing from A to Z. The Ministry as a body has not managed its resources in the past very well."

"Because I see some of the debts and I feel very alarmed. Somebody offered his services way back 2011 and the person has not been paid."

"In fact, someone who offered his services when we were building the Essipong Stadium in 2007 has not been paid"

"The person gone to court and got the judgement against the Ministry.'


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