The Keta Senior High Technical School has trampled on Wesley Girls’ SHS and Tamale SHS to register its presence in the final stage of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

Ketasco took charge of the contest from the first round and maintained their dominance in round two’s speed race where they widened the gap to put them ahead with 37 points. Wey Gey Hey and Tamasco followed with 22 and 21 points, respectively in the Tuesday contest.

The ‘Dzolalians’ flew-past their opponents when they accumulated more points in the fourth round. They proved that they were prepared to make a historical appearance at the grand finale.

The ‘Problem of the Day’ nearly spoilt the success story of Ketasco as the school recorded zero. However, that did not deter the contestants from keeping their high spirit to secure that all-important victory. Simply, Keta SHTS would not go down easily.

The ‘Lions’ from the North could not catch up with the eagles from the Volta zone. Unlike their previous contest where they conveniently devoured the iconic Zebras of Adisadel College, the Tamasco contestants were eliminated by Keta SHS.

It was a spectacular display of brilliance by Ketasco as they stunned and outsmarted their fellow mates in style. They have made it to the finals where they face Presec-Legon and a yet-to-be-announced third school.

In an earlier interview with JoyNews, old students of Keta SHTS were hopeful of winning the trophy to propel the construction of the sea defence wall in the area to save the school from the ravaging effects of the storm surge.

The campaign appears to be an underpinning motivation to the team. As the first school from the Volta region to make it to the NSMQ finals, will they maintain their momentum to set a record?

NSMQ 2021: Ketasco waves blow Tamale 'lions' and Wey Gey Hey out of water

Based on their scores, Keta SHTS, Wesley Girls’ High School, and Tamale SHS earned Gh¢3,180, Gh¢2,100 & Gh¢1,860 respectively in the Absa Money Zone.

Keta SHTS also won the Goil Riddle Bonanza, worth Gh¢2,000 for solving three out of the four riddles in Round five of their semifinal contest.

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