The presidential candidate of the United Front Party (UFP) in the 2012 elections, Mr Akwasi Addai, has been summoned to the Asantehemaa’s Palace in Kumasi for invoking the powerful Ashanti deity, “Antoa Nyamaa”, to curse the Kumasi Metropolitan Chief Executive and the chief of Asokwa.

Invoking deities to curse people, known in local parlance as duabo, is prohibited in Asante and persons who contravene it can suffer penalties if  found guilty.

The penalties include the slaughtering of sheep, carrying a pot to parade the streets of Antoa town and cash fines.

A source close to the Asantehemaa’s Palace told the Daily Graphic  yesterday that Mr Addai, also known as Odike, would appear before a panel constituted by the Asantehemaa to “try” the politician, who is also a businessman.

Last Friday, Mr Addai allegedly invoked the deity using eggs and Schnapps to curse the Kumasi Mayor, Mr Kojo Bonsu, and the chief of Asokwa, Nana Fe-Baamoah II, over the demolition of a building which his company, Odike Ventures, was constructing for use as a private vehicle testing centre.

Odike Ventures won the contract from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) under the authority’s private participation in vehicle testing for road worthiness.

However, while construction was ongoing, the KMA demolished the building because the owner did not secure a building permit.

Besides, it has been said that the project could affect future expansion of the Asokwa Interchange-Ahoodwo Roundabout road.

Mr Addai confirmed to the Asokwa Police that he invoked the curses, explaining that it was a revenge due to the manner his company was treated.

The chief of Asokwa also reported the matter to the police before proceeding to the Asantehemaa’s Palace to lodge the traditional complaint.

The police, however, said they could not handle the matter involving the curse.

Attempts by the Daily Graphic to contact Mr Addai on telephone for his comments on the invitation did not materialise.

When contacted, the Asokwa chief also failed to give details, saying the issue was already with the Asantehemaa’s Palace.