A former Communications Minister has called on government to support media stations and the Information Services Department (ISD), to ramp up the agendum to educate the public.

According to him, the communication strategy must be enhanced by including the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA) to aid in educating the public.

“Most of you ride on government’s digital terrestrial television network. If there can be an engagement that says because of Covid-19 we are expecting this package in terms of public education from you over this period so that, even when we get to the point where you begin to make a contribution to being on the platform we are going to extend that by so and so time,” he told Kojo Yankson on Joy FM’s SuperMosting Show said.

He stated that this move will encourage the media to intensify their efforts to educate individuals by sacrificing additional airtime.

Dr Boamah stated that “any government will set up robust communication systems if you have such COVID-19 high numbers.”

The doctor noted that the ISD must be equipped to do more since they are familiar with the terrains in various communities.          

“ISD has challenges but I have seen some pickups that have been branded and all, ” he recounted.

He explained further the need for more practical education on how to keep safe during the Coronavirus era.

“They should also be special videos captured slowly explained so that people will understand. President Mahama did one that went viral which shows how people are yearning for very practical things,” he told Kojo Yankson, May 5.

Meanwhile, he advised government to help aid the situation by being cautious of what they say during briefings.

Edward cited the announcement of the allocation of ₵100 million dollars after some 2.5 million cedis was assigned to the Covid-19.

 “We must be accountable to the people who elected us but sometimes if we are not careful, it can end up going the wrong way,” he said.

He also cited the reaction of Ghanaians on social media to the President’s announcement of the plan to build 88 new hospitals within a year.