Playwright Latif Abubakar says an open-air theatre is more expensive than an auditorium of closed air space.

The playwright who recently had an open-air three-day theatrical play at the Labadi Beach hotel made the assertion on the final day of the play.

He told Ibrahim Ben Bako that it is expensive to stage an open theatre as compared to a closed space because with an open-air theatre, you will have to build everything from scratch, i.e. stage, sound, light, seating positions etc., unlike the auditorium where all these are already there.

“Open-air theatre is more expensive because, everything you see here that is the stage, the light, the sound, even with the chair arrangement, you will have to build all of them from scratch. But with the auditorium, these are already there, so you don’t have to spend that much,” he said.

Asked if he will continue with the open-air theatre, he said even though staging‘Something must kill a man’ was a great success regardless of the rain, he will discuss with his team if they will stay with open-air or go back into the auditorium.

Amidst the rains on all three days, patrons turned up in their numbers to watch the play written and produced by Mr Abubakar and Globe Productions.

He commended Joy Entertainment for the enormous work they put into promoting the production, adding that that support, the success chalked, wouldn’t have been possible.

He further announced that Globe Production will be staging their ‘Best of Plays’ in December, which will feature three of their best from the year.