Presidential Advisor on Health has indicated that the growing numbers of Covid-19 cases in Ghana are not worrying.

Dr Anthony Nsiah Asare stated that it is only a reflection of the rigorous fight against the spread of the virus in the country.

According to him, continuous testing to determine the status of people, has revealed the numbers that are known which would not have been the case if tests were not run.

“People will be asymptomatic and infect other people and they will also be asymptomatic,” he said.

The doctor stated that as compared to other countries, Ghana is running a lot of tests to identify people rather than waiting for them to develop symptoms and may have infected a lot more people.

 He revealed that since the implementation of the partial lockdown, 37,405 persons have tested and about 14,000 of them are negative with more tests being run.

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“We are not doing tests only for contacts. We go to about one to two kilometres radius and try to take samples of individuals voluntarily. What it means is that, within that locality, if we don’t pick anybody at all, it’s likely that there has been no community spread,” he explained.

Dr Nsiah-Asare admitted that although the method of testing people who do not show signs of illness has been questioned by other countries, it is the best that can be done to contain and prevent the further spread of coronavirus.

“We told them that is our style. Once we continue testing in all the regions you would realise that Ghana has done really well in terms of testing,” he said.

There are currently 408 positive cases of coronavirus in the country with 8 deaths.

The Ghana Health Service is still conducting tests and enhanced contact tracing to bring the spread under control.