Dear Sir,
Permit me to join the scores of Ghanaians who have taken time to bid you well on the occasion of your 59th birthday.

Frankly speaking, when I heard that you’re a year short of 60 today, I was very surprised. My amazement was based on the fact that, you really don’t look old at all.

To be honest, you can actually pass for a 40 year old in his prime, who’s enjoying the good things of life. This is not an exaggeration, and I’m sure our beautiful second lady, Samira, has already told you this today.

Your stature, coupled with your energy and dedication to duty are like that of a young lad coming fresh from the University. Our graduates don’t look that energetic these days due to unemployment but at least I’m happy that our Veep is basking in such fitness and glow.

But do you know what would have made me happier? I would have been more excited if all 59 year old’s in our country exuded the same aura and attractiveness you portray. But unfortunately, THAT IS NOT THE CASE.

At this point, let me share with you the story of a certain 59 year old driver who drove me from Adenta to Circle last week. His name doesn’t come to mind immediately, so let’s call him ‘Yeboah’, for the purposes of this letter.

The journey was quite a distance, and so Yeboah and I seized the opportunity to get a bit interactive. But Dr, it was not a pleasant chat at all. From Adenta, passing through Madina, 37 until I disembarked at the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange (Circle), Yeboah filled my ears with painful lamentations.

I don’t know why he felt free to pour his grievances. But like many other Ghanaians, I presumed Yeboah did that because I identified myself as a journalist.

Indeed, many citizens believe that journalists have what it takes to amplify their concerns, but that is not always the case. Now let me share Yeboah’s woes with you.

For starters, Yeboah is one of the many breadwinners who lost their source of livelihood, after the banking sector cleanup by your government. Sir, you and other party folks still believe the clean up was important.

But if you ask me, the country has suffered more than it has gained from that single exercise. Indeed, many hopes have been dashed, and several homes have been broken because of the job loses that was created.

We can continue the debate about the relevance of the banking sector clean up or otherwise, but what I want to bring to your attention is that, thousands of people have not recovered from the effects of that exercise, and so they won’t stop cursing your government.

Now Dr, let me tell you something else Yeboah fumed about. You say Free SHS was designed to bring relief to parents right? Well, I am not married; neither am I a parent. But the testimony of Yeboah and so many other parents make me believe that what was designed to offer some succour has now become an albatross.

Yeboah, for example, said even though he’s not paying for the tuition of his two daughters in high school, he’s footing other bills that are biting his pocket, more than if he were even paying their actual fees.

From textbooks to other relevant expenses, Yeboah said he’s incurring more cost which makes nonsense of the whole talk about the ‘freeness’ of the policy. Indeed, he is not the only one. Thousands of households are also suffering in that regard and perhaps you should pay more attention to the calls to REVIEW THE POLICY.

Well Dr, because today happens to be your day, maybe we should not remind you of our numerous woes as citizens. We should at least give you the space to stay your mind away from all the troubles you find on your desk every morning at the Jubilee House.

But before I go, please let me drop a final one; E-LEVY. Mr Vice President, since the revenue handle was rolled out on 1st May this year, it has been met with a lot of resistance from citizens. Many have clamoured against it, yet it’s still in active force. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Interestingly, you had stated in an earlier interview that taxing mobile money was not ideal. So please what changed? Needless to say, Yeboah also highlighted the difficulties he’s experiencing with that same e-levy.

By the way, next year, Yeboah will turn 60, just like you. But Mr President, the taxi he drives is not fetching him any decent income. The persistent increment in fuel is licking his sweat away. On top of it, he’s paying a lot for a policy which is supposed to be free – THE FREE SHS!

The truth here is that, if things don’t change, he will keep lamenting everyday, and we all know the effects. He may develop some blood pressure and go to his early grave, while you may be alive to mark your 60th.

This, Mr. Vice President, should not happen to Yeboah and indeed, all your age mates who’re thinking a lot because of the present economic challenges. The good news however is that, you and your ilk can actually do something, and so please act now.

On that note, I wish you the very best in this new phase and may the Almighty be with you. Happy Birthday, Sir!

The author of this piece is a writer, a corporate emcee (MC) and a broadcaster, currently with The Multimedia Group. You may reach him on (+233) 273141821 or

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.