All is set for the National Peace Council to roll out plans geared towards the implementation of the peace document following by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to end political violence.

This comes on the back of assertions on PM Express by the Senior Programmes Officer at the Centre for Democratic Development, Ghana (CDD-Ghana) Paul Kwabena Aborampa on the need to institute structures after the signing of the document, which he says will formal the moral basis to back the recently passed vigilantism and offenses law.

After months of boycott, the NDC on June 17, signed the code of conduct and roadmap to end the canker with a call on the Council to ensure strict adherence to the code and crack the whip on defaulters.

Speaking on JoyNews, Most Rev Prof Emmanuel Asante explained that it has put plans in place to ensure that the commitments made by the political parties with regards to disbanding militias in the country align with the recently passed Vigilantism and Related Offences Act, 2019.

Acknowledging that the mere signing of the document does not automatically lead to a violence-free political landscape, he said “we have committed stakeholder to doing something that would put a stop to the whole political thuggery we call vigilantism.”

“We’ve already rolled out programmes – and very soon you will hear about that – meetings with stakeholder to try and not only educate them in respect to what we have agreed on but also to out in place structure to ensure that the kind of things they have committed to, they will – meeting with stakeholders,” he said on June 24.

These include public education, sensitisation, consultation with political groups the media and security agencies.

This, according to the Chairperson, will ensure that the Peace Council leverages their “moral suasion to encourage use the abide by the rules in order that the Act 999 that Mr Aborampa cited will be really implemented.