The Ghana Police Service says it is considering initiating appropriate action against the Editor in chief of the Enquirer, Raymond Archer, for alleged obstruction of investigations by the service and also allegedly helping drug lords to expand their trade in Ghana.

The Service says it has credible information that Mr. Raymond Archer is being sponsored by some drug lords to run the image of the Police Service down with negative stories posted in his Enquirer newspaper in recent times.

The Director of Police Public Relations, DSP Kwasi Ofori made the assertions on Adom FMs Dwaso Nsem with Ekourba Gyasi on Monday.

The police PR Director said the institution is aware of the sponsorship being given to Mr. Archer with the aim of running the image of the service down.

“Raymond Archer has done no investigation, what he is doing is a great disservice and dishonour to the nation and the appropriate time the police will initiate proper action against him,” he emphasized.

DSP Kwasi Ofori was on Dwaso Nsem to talk on the recent scandal to hit the Service over the missing parcels of cocaine kept in the custody of the police at the Headquarters.

According to DSP Kwasi Ofori, contrary to the Enquirer Newspaper’s report, only one box containing 30 book-sized slabs and 12 slabs from another box were exchanged with flour. “One box was missing and the other was cut open and the twelve slabs taken out.”

He stressed that though only about two percent of the 1,910kg of the cocaine had gone missing, the Police Administration will make sure it gets to the bottom of the matter.

He said the Police Administration deemed it incorrect, the erroneous impression being created that the administration had something to hide in the cocaine saga, and that it organized a facility tour of the exhibit room in which the drugs were kept for journalists to ascertain the facts for themselves.

“Unfortunately the Enquirer reporter who came on the facility tour failed to report exactly what he saw,” said the displeased Kwasi Ofori.

The Editor-in-Chief of the Enquirer, Raymond Archer, who called into the programme, however also attacked the Police PR boss for questioning his credibility and also running down his newspaper.
Raymond was so angry he even used unprintable words.

According to the enraged editor, what he has sought to do through the serialization of the cocaine stories is to indict the drug dealers and not to abet their criminal activities as the police PR Director had tried to paint to the world.

“If what I am doing is unprofessional and they think I am aiding and abetting drug lords and they have evidence they should go to court. I will pursue the matter till the truth is out,” he stated.

In February this year, a parliamentary committee chaired by Hon. Kojo Armah was instituted to probe the circumstances under which quantities of cocaine seized from some drug barons at Prampram on May 21, 2006 and kept at the Police Headquarters, disappeared.

After nearly two weeks sitting and listening to 48 witnesses, including five police officers, the committee failed to pinpoint who actually was responsible for the disappearance of the drugs from the police exhibits room which was under lock and key.

The committee in a report, however recommended that the storekeeper of the Exhibits Room, DSP Patrick Akagbo of the Violent Crime Unit be prosecuted for dereliction of duty.

Author: Kojo Addo (Adom Fm)


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