The former second vice chairman of the Assin Manso branch of the New Patriotic Party, NPP, Mr. Adomako Aboagye, has been arrested by the Assin Fosu police for allegedly possessing fake currency, the Chronicle reports.

The 76-year-old cocoa purchasing clerk was arrested last Friday upon an examination by a rural bank official on a GHc 10 he used to buy a re-charge for his mobile phone, proved to be a fake one.

Police sources told the Chronicle that on the said day around 8:30pm, Aboagye went to buy credit from Kwesi Nyarko, a mobile phone and accessories dealer with a GHc 10 note, but upon careful handling of the note, Nyarko suspected that the currency was counterfeit.

Nyarko then escorted Aboagye to the Assinman Rural Bank which was just a few kilometres away to determine the authenticity of the note.

According to the police, an official of the bank indeed confirmed that the note was fake and Aboagye was arrested.

Confirming the story, the Central Regional Chairman of the NPP, Booty Dunkwa Smith told the Chronicle that he heard of the incident and went to bail Aboagye.

Aboagye failed to disclose to the police the source of the money, while a search on him revealed an additional GHc 110 hidden in his underwear. Again, the police also retrieved GHc 141 from his breast pocket.

Aboagye is currently on police bail while investigations into the matter continue.

Source: The Chronicle


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