The Ashanti Regional Police has launched a search for four people who are alleged to have shot two people killing one of them at the office of the National Democratic Congress in Kumasi.

In a press release, the police indicated the four suspects alleged to be part of an NDC vigilante group, Hawks, were behind the attack.

The police have mounted a search for Husein Barnabas, also known as Warrior, Mijima, Damos, and Abu Taliban.

This search comes after some executive and members of the NDC were attacked at the regional office in Kumasi on February 18.

According to an eye witness, the assailant, associated with an NDC militia, the Hawks, shot an NDC man thrice. First in the leg while he runs and twice in the chest at close range as he lay vulnerable.

This attack led to the death of one man and another severely injured.

According to reports, the injured man suffered from internal bleeding and is scheduled to undergo surgery.

Ashanti NDC gunshot

The shooting occurred when there was an ongoing meeting between the National Chairman, The General Secretary, a Deputy General Secretary and the Regional Executive Committee was ongoing.

Johnson Asiedu Nketia and the other bigwigs of the party present at the scene narrowly escaped unhurt.

Ashanti NDC gunshot

However, the regional secretary declined to confirm if the shooter is affiliated to the party’s vigilante group outdoored in September 2018.

Former President John Dramani Mahama called on the police and security agencies to investigate, apprehend the culprits and subject them to the full rigors of the law.

The police have sealed off the crime scene to assist investigations.

The police have called for calm in the area and assured residents they are working closely with the NDC executives to arrest the suspects.

They called on any person with information on these suspects to assist the police by volunteering the information to the police.