Private legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw has stated that the coronavirus pandemic will be the reason why most political parties will not be ready for Election 2020.

The Lawyer said various political activities including political campaigns will be disrupted because of the pandemic.

“The focus is now on fighting the virus. All political strategies have come to an end.  As at now both ruling and opposition parties are not campaigning, everyone is focused on combating the virus,” he said on Kumasi based Wontumi Fm.

Maurice Ampaw stated that political parties will be faced with various challenges including financial constraints because parties’ coffers will be drained as a result of various donations.

According to him, most political parties have channeled financial resources which were meant for election activities to purchase PPEs and other materials for donations towards the fight.

“We are in April and have few more months to go, yet there is little that has been done towards preparing for the elections. Even the EC will not be ready,” he said.

Lawyer Ampaw stated that compiling a new voters’ register for the upcoming election will be a major challenge for the commission.

“The EC has a very big problem. The problem is compiling a new voters’ register,” he added.

He stated that he doubts the Electoral Commission will be able to perform this activity before the election period because of the lockdown and various measures put in place to check the spread of the virus.

“Scientists have declared that it will take more than one year to develop a vaccine.

“The virus is not leaving us this year. The virus is not willing to leave so no government will think about the elections,” he said.