For a specific Generation, Gen Z, Tik Tok has become the preferred search engine relegating YouTube and google to the back seat.

Instead of reading a 500-word article, to get the same information, this demographic would rather consume information in a short-form video. So what does this mean for the creator and influencer marketing industry? Let’s explore some projections below.

Change in the Way Content Is Created

As a brand, by now you may have realized this essentially means that a segment of your existing customers are changing their viewing habits and as such you will have to align yourself with influencers and content creators that have adapted to this.

Before this, we saw a lot of SEO optimization for Google, however with this new change content creators may need to boost SEO on Tik Tok to make it easier for their content to be found.

Value-based content will take the front seat

We are likely to see a boost in content, where creators are taking more time to think, from the perspective of the consumer, in their content creation efforts.

Asking themselves questions like; “what would make anyone want to see what I am creating?”, “How is this content relevant to person A over person B?” Asking critical questions like this throughout the process would also ensure that the content eventually appeals to the audience it was intended for.

Eventually, we may begin to see more influencers and creators drawing toward value-filled content and seeking after brands that will afford them the opportunity to create such content.

Possible Increase In the Spread of Misinformation

Fake news is already a big issue as it is. This is likely to increase with this new shift especially considering that anyone could jump onto TikTok and Instagram and share opinions presented as fact.

It is a relief, though, that while Gen Z audience types prefer to search for information on Tik Tok, they are more likely to verify its validity via google.

Creators & Influencers Adopting Some Journalistic Good Practices

Creators and influencers, for the sake of their reputation, will need to be more cautious in their content creation efforts.

The journalists may come for my head for saying this, but at this point influencers and creators must see themselves as journalists and accept the accountability that comes with the profession. Creators will need to adopt some journalistic good practices, such as researching sources, writing copy and learning a thing or two about news values to protect themselves and in the long run stay relevant. This is particularly important for creators/influencers, who see themselves creating critical content, in the near future.

Short-form video content is the way to go and if Google wants to regain its spot, they simply need to adapt. Something fresher and new may be necessary because at this point Tik Tok and Instagram have fully dominated this space. For content creators and influencers, this is the time to ask the question: do I want to give value or do I want to trend? Remembering that, only one will help you stay relevant in the long-term.