Prof. Mills appeals to security personnel

Prof. Atta Mills, flag-bearer of the National Democratic Congress, is asking security personnel, who would be casting their vote today (Tuesday), to exercise their franchise in a way that will help build a Better Ghana.

In a press statement issued on Monday, the presidential candidate promised among other things to increase the basic salary levels, up the peacekeeping allowances and put in place welfare packages for them.

Below is the full text

Goodwill Message To Security Personnel

As you our security personnel go to the polls tomorrow to cast your votes and decide the direction in which the country must move, my humble appeal is that you exercise your franchise in a way that will help us build a Better Ghana.

As one-time Chairman of the Police Council and Armed Forces Council, I know that the security services are made of competent men and women who are prepared to give of their best; what they need, is a government that will provide them with the adequate resources, training, logistics and motivation.

I promise that as President, the needs of the security agencies will be one of my main priorities.

The era of personnel of certain security agencies purchasing their own uniforms and boots will be a thing of the past.

It is my conviction that the needs of the security agencies goes beyond the rhetoric of increasing numbers.

There has to be a qualitative improvement in the logistics available to the security agencies for the proper and efficient discharge of your responsibilities of maintaining law and order as well as protecting the sovereignty of the nation.

I am very much aware of the extent to which the hitherto solid image of the security agencies has been destroyed and pledge that, the morale of the, Military, Police, Prisons, Fire Service, Immigration, and Customs, will once again fly high during my tenure as President.

My commitment will be to increase the basic salary levels, up the peacekeeping allowances, as well as put in place welfare packages that will significantly boost the drive of personnel.

I congratulate you for the hard work and sacrifices you have been making in the face of the daunting challenges and in a few days time, when the process of building a Better Ghana starts, you will be a key pivot around which the Better Ghana process will revolve.

A Better Ghana can, and shall be built.

John Evans Atta Mills