The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, has asked media houses and social media users not to show the face of the alleged rape victim who bit off part of her robber’s manhood.

A statement issued in Accra by the Ministry and copied to the Ghana News Agency said this would cause a re-traumatisation of the victim.

Additionally, it will jeopardize the victim’s security, safety and psychosocial support she’s receiving from the Ministry.

In respect of the victim’s safety and healing process, the statement said the “Ministry kindly plead and request all media houses and social media outlets to stop the circulation, showing and exposing her face and identity.”

Going forward, the Ministry has requested that all media houses take note and avoid exposing victims’ identity but rather cover or blur the faces of victims to avoid re-traumatisation and re-victimization.

The incident which occurred on November 8, saw the victim and a resident report that she was drugged and raped by the alleged armed robber, identified as Emmanuel Ankron.

According to her, she woke up only to find the 23-year-old Emmanuel Ankron in her room pointing a locally made pistol at her with a machete in another hand.

The victim was robbed of GHS550, a mobile phone, and a television set, however, Ankron changed his mind about taking away the items and asked for a that she play with his manhood instead.

She told the Police that although she was unwilling to fulfil the demand of the robber, she gave in and bit off his penis in the process.

Ankron was also reported to have bitten the young lady at the back before taking to his heels with blood oozing from his wounds leaving behind the mobile phone and the television set.

According to the Police, the part of the penis bitten off was retrieved at the scene of the incident and deposited at the hospital for preservation.

The Police said the two were currently, at the hospital receiving medical attention with investigations underway.