Prudential Life Insurance Ghana has rewarded 30 of its best performing agents with a luxury week-long holiday to Kenya and Dubai. The agents received the prize after making an outstanding contribution to Prudential Ghana’s strong growth over the past year.

At an awards ceremony at the La Palm Beach Hotel, Mark Buadi and Solomon Adeti from Tema, and Dennis Cosmos Gonzalves from Koforidua were revealed asPrudential Ghana’s best performing agents. A further 124 were rewarded with electronic gifts, shopping vouchers and weekend trips to beach resorts in Ghana.

The number of agents working for Prudential Ghana has risen from 300 to 800 since the business was launched in 2014.

Emmanuel Aryee, Chief Executive of Prudential Ghana, said: “Prudential Ghana is going from strength to strength. Our agentsare extremely important to us and so we are pleased to recognise their outstanding performance, which has contributed to our strong growth. I look forward to continuing to work with them as Prudential Ghana continues to grow and providescustomers throughout the country with innovative and high-quality products.”

Solomon Adeti, one of Prudential’s best performingagents, said: “Prudential is the best place to be if you are pursuing a career as an agent because hard work is rewarded. We are grateful for the recognition and are looking forward to working with our colleagues to make Prudential even more successful.”


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