The following is a message from former President Jerry Rawlings and wife Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings to global icon and former South African President, Nelson Mandela on the occasion of his 92nd birthday anniversary which falls today, July 18, 2010.

Your Excellency,

Nana and I write to congratulate you on the occasion of your 92nd birthday.

Milestones such as these bring smiles onto the faces of all peace-loving people across the world because you and your colleagues endured pain, but dedicated your life to the emancipation of your people, preferring to sow seeds of unity and peace instead of retribution at the end of it all.

Peace-loving people are particularly inspired that you still find good time to inspire the world with your support of good causes. Your presence at the finals of the World Cup tournament at the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg was an emotional and inspirational one for millions across the world.

You were instrumental in South Africa winning the hosting rights to the 2010 FIFA World Cup and what a show your dear country sold to the world.

South Africa and the rest of the African continent still have huge challenges politically, economically, socially and culturally, but your people can seek inspiration in the qualities that you have bestowed on humanity and continue to work towards the true emancipation of our continent.

As you celebrate your birthday we pray that the Good Lord continues to shower his blessings on you and give you a good sense of cheer.

Happy Birthday, Madiba.

Yours Sincerely

Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings & Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings


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