Aston Villa have officially been relegated from this season's English Premier League, but one bright spot is Ghana's Jordan Ayew.

He has been so good that, according to former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp, the Black Stars is the only player who will be signed back to the Premiership.

Villa have won just three games and sit rock bottom of the standings with 16 points with players getting a lot of flak for their attitudes towards games. “Jordan Ayew looks a decent player, and I think he will get a move away from Villa this summer,” the former Portsmouth manager told The Telegraph.

“But can you say the same about any of the others? I can’t think of another player in that squad who will get a move back to the Premier League.”

“Which means they could go into the Championship with a squad of players on serious money who are happy to wait out the remaining two, three or four years of their contracts,” he added.

Jordan has played 31 games for the Villains this season, scoring seven and he has generally received rave reviews for his work ethic.

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