Pollster Ben Ephson has predicted defeat Ningo-Prampram MP Sam George in the upcoming National Democratic Congress (NDC) primaries.

He also says new entrant, former Gender Minister, Nana Oye Lithur who is contesting the Adentan seat will not win.

Speaking in an interview with 3FM, Mr. Ephson said controversies in the respective constituencies of the two will go against them, causing their defeat.

He explained that bad blood between Lithur and her former deputy, Rachel Appoh gives her [Lithur] contender Abu Ramadan a better chance in the Adentan primaries. 

“I will be surprised if Nana Oye wins…given the way Nana Oye is going about it and Ramadan, learning a few things,” he shared. 

Rachel Appoh accused Nana Oye Lithur of ill-treating her as her deputy and making her work from the reception for almost a year. 

In the case of Sam George, Mr. Ephson noted that the former MP for Ningo Prampram, ET Mensah, would be the major factor to affect his chances.

“Things have built up and it is very difficult for him. Last time he was an underdog, this time if Sam George wins, I will be surprised. 

“He’s done very well but this time the odds are against him. ET, love him or hate him, is a factor in Ningo Prampram,” he commented. 

When asked about the Madina Constituency, the pollster tipped Sosu Francis-Xavier over his contender, the former NDC youth organizer, Sidii Abubakar Musah. He noted Sidii’s impact was not felt when he was the Youth Organizer of the party. 

“If he had done well he would have been able to reach out. Madina has a lot of population of people from Volta Region, and they have a lot of people from the Muslim areas. Sidii will try to appeal to the Muslims, but Sosu is trying to make inroads into that community,” Mr Ephson noted. “For example, he has been doing pro bono for people who have problems in the community and I think that Sosu should win.” 

He said adding that Sosu would be a better challenger to the current MP, Abubakar Saddique Boniface

The Asawase Contituency was identified as another interesting constituency to watch out for in the NDC’s parliamentary primaries. 

According to him, “Asawase is one of the constituencies the NDC has been trying to win [in the Ashanti Region]. Out of the 47, NDC has only 3. And that is a constituency that they have been trying to win. So it is possible that they could be fanning the problems in the constituency.” 

However, he said the incumbent Mubarak Muntaka Mohammed stood a better chance of winning. 

The NDC is scheduled to hold its parliamentary primaries on Saturday, August 24.

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