The Center for Grassroots Enterprise (CGE) of the Street Children Empowerment Foundation (SCEF) with support from the Ghana Social Workers Union, UK has organized a workshop on domestic violence for parents of street-connected children.

The workshop was aimed at educating the parents how to effectively avoid and prevent domestic violence, especially against children both at home and in their community.

The Executive Director of SCEF, Paul Semeh who facilitated the workshop bemoaned the increasing rate of abuse and violence at home, especially against children.

He, therefore, encouraged the parents and other community members to serve as watchdogs and report signs of abused in their communities and households.

“It is unfortunate that nowadays we hear of domestic violence almost every day and this should be a worry to all of us. I encourage every one of us to be alert in homes and community. Let’s endeavor to quickly report signs of domestic violence, even it is not perpetuated in our homes,” he added.

SCEF builds capacity of parents on domestic violence

Mr Semeh blamed the increasing rate of domestic violence on lack of information and understanding of Ghana’s legislations on such issues.

He urged the parents to spread the knowledge they have acquired from the workshop to prevent others from engaging acts at contravenes the laws of Ghana.

“Our problem is that many of us do not even understand what constitute domestic violence, so we keep engaging in the act without fully understanding the implications. But ignorance of the law is not an excuse, therefore, we should also go and educate others so that they do not fall foul of the law,” he added.

The workshop saw participants taken through types of domestic violence, modes of reporting and the punishments prescribed by law for offenders.

The parents expressed appreciation for the enlightenment they got from the workshop and pledged to also share the knowledge to others

“I have witnessed people being abused at home but did not report because I had no idea they were offending the law. We will all be careful going forward.  So the workshop has been an insightful one,” Aunty Vida, a participant noted.

CGE is an arm of SCEF that is dedicated to empowering street-connected persons to be self-reliant through economic and life skills coaching and opportunities.