Some people in the Volta Region have expressed worry that various riots caused by separatist groups operating in the region will have a diverse effect on development.

Their comments came after members of an alleged group The Western Restoration Front organised attacks to claim parts of the Volta Region as Western Togoland.

They had vandalised two police stations in the North Tongu District, destroyed properties at the premises of the State Transport Company (STC) before blocking some selected roads to demand independence from Ghana.

The security agencies also revealed that they had quelled their efforts to burn down the central market in the region.

But speaking on Ghana Connect, a young Voltarian, Edem, said the region is “already underdeveloped” and risks losing a lot more if properties keep getting destroyed in riots.

“My dad was disturbed. This coming in will lead to more underdevelopment,” he stated; adding that many people have also been uttering disturbing tribalistic comments about his people.

Also on the show, a university graduate, Princess said, she was livid and angry about the secessionists’ attacks.

The young Voltarian believes many of these secessionists were recruited to join the group because of the lack of development in the region.

“We are young, we have so much energy and time, so we are gullible. We almost trust everyone that comes our way and because we have no resources, we go after them as long as they are promising us jobs and money,” she told Evans Mensah, host of the show.

According to her, although the Volta Region has been cheated in the area of development by past governments, it does not give residents a right to demand independence.

“We can hit our chest and say we are contributing to electricity in Ghana via the Akosombo dam, so we want development but these people are speaking from a place of pain,” she said.

She was however optimistic that the developmental issues can be addressed if the right institutions are petitioned.

“I speak for myself and I am sure many other well-meaning Voltarians that we will not want to do that violently,” she added.

She called on the security agencies to deal with the secessionists to ensure that peace is restored and development is sustained.