Security analyst, Dr Kwesi Aning is warning that some people may be taking advantage of the country’s oil and gas security plan to steal money from the state.

He told Joy News that he has seen documents which suggest that the estimates for the oil and gas security budget have been outrageously inflated.

He said he has tried to draw attention to the scam but the government has brushed it all aside.

Dr Aning said while figures for the establishment of the Ghana Police Service Maritime Unit were reasonable, “and speak to the security challenges on the ground, …the draft figures in the document called Oil and Gas Security Plan… are way too high.”

He told Joy News’ Eric Ahianyo that there can be no reason for the wide disparities between the figures he had seen earlier and those contained on the security plan proposed by the government.

Meanwhile, Kofi Adams, spokesperson for Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings says the former First Lady will review lapses in the existing oil agreements if she is elected President.

Kofi Adams said Mrs Rawlings will also take a second look at contracts which seem to be fraught with irregularities.

He said the former First Lady’s resolve to scrutinise contracts and deals entered by the country under both presidents Kufuor and Mills was buoyed by President Mills’ comments that he intends to take a second look into deals sealed under Kufuor.

“Nana Konadu’s presidency will enhance this further. [She] will look into it, deal with it, and make sure that the country is not shortchanged and that it benefits from its oil wealth,” he asserted.

Mr Adams stated that even the controversial STX housing deal will not escape the scrutiny and possible probe of a Konadu presidency.

Source: Joy News/Ghana


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