Flagbearer for the People’s National Convention (PNC) says greed and selfishness are elements preventing minority political parties from coming together as one body.

David Apesera believes that minority political parties will be able to secure more votes in the upcoming elections if they come together as one body, however, each party is seeking its own interest and that is not helping.

“I think that we ourselves are sincere enough. I don’t think there’s any major party that comes in and say to you[the minor parties] that at least don’t merge,” he said.

Ghana is yet to receive a president from any minor political party.

The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have been consistent with handling political power since the 4th Republic.

However, speaking on JoyNews’ the Pulse ahead of the Minority Parties’ Political Debate, David Apesera blamed the occurrence on a lack of commitment by these minority political parties to come together as one and contest the major parties in the elections.

He believes minority political parties are not restricted from coming together, however, political parties cannot unite and emerge stronger to win political power because of some selfish tendencies.

“But you see, we have various parties and people want to be in leadership positions. I think that we are not uniting because we don’t want to, and we have some kind of selfish tendencies within us that is preventing us from uniting,” he said.

“If we want unity, then we must say all cards are on the table for unity,” he said.