Ghanaian youth have been urged to make good use of their intelligence energies rather than engaging in nefarious activities in the name of foot soldierism.

Legal Practitioner and Director of the William Ofori Atta Foundation, Prof. Kenneth Agyemang Attafauh jabbed the youth for playing tango with some political leaders in undermining the core structure on democracy.

He made this known when he presented a paper on – “How to curb Foot Soldierism in Ghana” as part of a two day workshop for youth leaders of political parties in finding best ways towards a peaceful and violent free election come December 7.

“Today, foot soldier activism rides on the crest of several seriously negative political tendencies in our body politic, among them mutual loathing, abusive rhetoric, criminalization of political opponents, politicization and rejection of judicial decisions on political grounds, and selective application of the criminal law,” he observed.

Prof. Attafuah said “Foot soldierism is a threat to our liberal constitutional democratic order. Engagement in electoral contest is not a license to lawlessness and electoral victory is not a ticket to lawlessness. Much of the carnage on our roads, the seasonal flooding of Accra, the mounting filth in our cities, the environmental degradation of our countryside, as well as the overcrowding in our jails results from wanton lawlessness”.

“Youth indiscipline mirrors adult criminality. Growing and unchecked political lawlessness by foot-soldiers in particular constitutes a major threat to liberalism and human security in Ghana”.

“This is typified by the unbridled rise of the power of foot-soldiers as they commotion in urban centers, arrest and visit terror on Presidential appointees, including municipal and district chief executives, and take control of public facilities such as toilets. Foot soldiers are not entitled to seize public facilities”.

“If they can get away with seizing public toilets and applying them at will to their interests because their party is in power, there’s nothing stopping them from taking over markets, roads, bridges, hospitals or schools,” he noted.

The Criminologist described activities of foot-soldiers as “not a mark of gallantry but rather a threat to liberalism when foot-soldiers violently chase political appointees from office because they disagree with their policies or programs, and they are allowed by the security agencies and the national political leadership to get away with it”.

He therefore urged the Inspector-General of Police to issue a clear directive to all police officers to impartially and courageously enforce the law against all persons who break the law, especially foot soldiers and particularly during the elections season.