It was all joy and excitement when Management and Staff of SIC Insurance PLC, Ghana’s largest general insurer held a thanksgiving service at its Ring Road West Office for a successful 2021 and to commit its operations this year and beyond to the almighty God as well as align strategies to propel its operations in the ensuing years.

Attendants were clad in their all-white apparel and were entertained by song ministrations from the ‘SIC Mini Choir’ with ace gospel musician and songwriter, Celestine Donkor who lighted up the day with a series of sterling performances.

In his sermon, Rev. George Amoako-Nimako, Head Pastor of Praise Community Chapel in Adenta and former staff of the company emphasized the importance of thanksgiving in all situations.

The Managing Director, Stephen Oduro in his address described 2021 as a tough but successful year. “Prior to the arrangement for setting up our business continuity plan we were able to make more than 100 percent of our target.

SIC Insurance PLC kick-starts 2022 with thanksgiving service

Our target was GH¢272 million but we were able to make GH¢284million despite Covid-19 related challenges”.

Mr. Oduro admitted later in an interview that SIC Insurance PLC had gone through a lot of stressful situations a few years back but the company’s introduction of a business continuity plan ensured it stayed on course even throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have instituted some policies and structures to stay on top as the Premier Insurance Company”.

He expressed optimism that staff will improve upon their stellar performance of 2021 and urged the public to continue having confidence in the company.

Dr. Jimmy Ben Heymann, the Board Chairman of the company commended management and staff for the success chalked in 2021 amidst the pandemic. He however urged them to eschew complacency but work harder to achieve greater heights.

“In each corner/department you find yourself, remember you are a shepherd and steer the affairs. So whatever your assignment is at SIC remember that as a shepherd you are supposed to take care of it. Do it with passion and admirably. Let’s endeavor to do the right thing so that the company will grow from strength to strength.”

The event was a success as it ended in praise and worship.

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