The Deputy Managing Director of Societe Generale says the banking sector has gotten to the stage of yielding positive results following the recent cleanup of the sector.

Ernest Kuetche expressed optimism that if only banks will comply with the regulator’s new directives, they should positive financial statements.

Speaking to JoyBusiness at the fourth mini draw of the ‘Deposit and Win’ promotion which saw some customers of his bank receive various awards including television sets and gift vouchers.

Ernest Kuetche�

We see some significant addition to our deposits and this is the purpose of the campaign,” he stated.

He added that rewarding customers through the Deposit Campaign was a way to get more people to be interested in depositing more money to the bank.  

Mr Keutche said the banking sector has become very critical for the economy of the country as it ensures the safety of the finances of citizens.

“It’s important to make sure that the banking sector is there to support the growth of the economy,” he said.

Deputy Managing Director of Societe Generale also called for measures to be put in place to sustain the growth of the economy through the banking sector. 

He said sanitising the financial sector “is important as we need to secure the environment and various actors.”