The Family members of the Tarkwa Nsuem MP have fled the town of Dompim after several of them sustained machete wounds when they were attacked over the weekend.

Mireku Duker said this is part of interim measures to ensure the safety of his family, while soldiers deployed to restore peace in the town arrive.

“As at now, I’ve asked them to come to Tarkwa and I’m with them in Tarkwa. I have also been informed that the military is also on the way to restore peace in the area,” he said.

One person is said to be in critical condition after the family of the MP was attacked on Saturday.

It is not immediately clear what caused the attack, but it is believed to be linked to a chieftaincy feud.

A group of men armed with machetes are said to have wounded several people at about 3 pm.

The MP said he had to move his family to Tarkwa to ensure their safety.

He, however, has appealed for the deployment of security personnel to ensure his safety.

“As I speak to you those who were butchered are in the hospital. I’ve just asked that one of them is transferred [to another hospital] because the situation is not getting better.

“I don’t have police protection as I speak today but we’re hoping that we will be protected going forward,” he said.