Eyewitness accounts and videos reaching Joy News has unravelled an incident that occurred at the Techiman South constituency leading to the death of two persons in the December elections.

In the video, supporters of both the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) were seen awake, observing the collation of the results on the night.

Few moments on, the chaotic scene emerged as a result of misunderstanding among the two parties.

The security agents at the scene fired warning shots to maintain clam as supporters of both parties fought and destroyed ballot boxes containing results from some polling stations.

The video also captured protest from the crowd and some fleeting moments where live ammunition was fired into the crowd.

Speaking to Joy News’ Erastus Asare Donkor, some eyewitnesses gave disturbing accounts of how the collation of election results turned into a mass shooting.

“I have not seen something like this before, I couldn’t stand on my feet watching the shooting of a person, I could not do anything so some men came to help in lifting him up, but he was dead.”

According to an election observer, Alhaji, “In the late hours, somewhere around 11:30 pm going to 12 am”, information of the arrival of some incoming ballot boxes brought about a struggle between the NPP and NDC as to whether or not they should be countered.

“The NDC supporters who were inside (the collation hall) said they were not satisfied with the results in those (ballot) boxes so it was a back and forth argument until those results were added later in the evening.”

“So there was even a gunshot fired by the police that night to scare the supporters so, in the end, they fought and broke those ballot boxes. The papers were flying everywhere.”

A closer look at the video which marked the beginning of the firing of the warning shots also showed the crowd retreating while many of the personnel are seen firing into the air.

A journalist at the scene who narrated what he saw indicated that “the police started the warning shots, then the military also comply.”

He said while some guns were pointed up in the air, others were directed to the crowd.

“I saw one guy lying down here, blood was oozing from the nose and the eye, at that time, he was breathing very slowly, after an hour we understood that many supporters were being victimized through a gunshot.”

While some account said party supporters started throwing stones at the security personnel, others also say the supporters were forcing their way into the collation hall.

At the end of what was meant to be an opportunity to elect a leader for the country, 18-year-old apprentice in a streetlight business, Abdallah Ayarick and 41-years-old, a father of four, Mohammed Kajuden, lost their lives.

Nine others were recorded to have sustained various degree of injuries following the shootout.