Sophia the robot meets Ethiopian PM

Sophia the robot meets Ethiopian PM
Source: BBC
Date: 02-07-2018 Time: 10:07:11:am

Sophia, the famous humanoid robot, has finally met Ethiopia’s prime minister after her lost body parts were found.

A bag containing some of the robot was lost at Frankfurt airport last week, which led to the cancellation of a press conference scheduled to take place on Friday at the Ethiopian National Museum in the capital, Addis Ababa.

We don't yet know what was discussed, but we do know that Sophia isn't pre-programmed with answers. Instead, she uses machine learning and responds by reading people's expressions.

Designed by Hong Kong firm Hanson Robotics, Sophia has been programmed to speak Amharic, Ethiopia's official language. She also speaks English.

Sophia was activated in 2015.

She shot to fame after becoming the first robot to gain the citizenship of a country – when Saudi Arabia gave her nationality last year.

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