The appetite that brings thousands of diehard aficionados together to one arena at specific times – binds the world. Some say it started with the Sumerian civilization. Others will trace it to the monument of pharaoh found at Beni Hasan, not forgetting the ancient Greek tournament held in honour of some Greek warriors like Patroclus and Achilles and the proficiency in throwing the javelin by Odysseus of Ithaca. Ghana can also tie it to their favourite "chaskele". “Sports”, has lived with us for years, and now a lucrative business. But how does Africa soar?

The home of blacks is rooted with loads of talents. The quest to unearthing one's endowment has never been an easy task. However, identity will be shown no matter how difficult – men taking up the field to be their profession. Little did they know the combat that awaited them?

Clinging on to the mission of raising the expectations of spectators by swinging the net with the speed from their feet obviously carries them to their destinations. Now it appears the strong squalls from the sensational duo – the young man from (Madeira) Cristiano and the (Argentine Rosario) Lionel – throw their heft to lifting all trophies. Wait a minute! They waste their party time to training whiles their cronies sinks theirs in enjoyment.

Most Talented men from Africa cling on to mysticism. Thinking the unseen from the hades will come to their aid. Africa, make us proud, like how the Gyan and the Etos nailed it. It doesn’t matter the race because Lebron and Serena also did it continually by consistent training for hours. All these legends motivate us. Like Dr Perry will say “I did it continually every year for seven years” before the traffic gave the all going green light.

It’s all about dedication and determination that leads to success. Africa should exploit loads of talents and spend hours in honing them to making it bright and not spending hours spinning the wheel, in anticipation of some blue skies landing on their feet at a spitting distance. Nor call on divinations expected to herald their fortunes rather than channelling the sweat on their brows into tangible outputs… Our names will forever be written in tablets of stone and remembered for the foreseeable future.

We all await the day we raise the world's trophy as Brazil did five times. We will focus and work hard. That is what makes Africa proud, we will forget the mysticism and put Africa back on the map. To you as an individual, scroll down your life and know that you are special because you have not made it yet so all eyes are watching, and you have to make every one proud.