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Top Accra luxury apartments

Class, Style, Elegance, this is what you get with top Accra luxury apartments; one that offers such satisfaction and fulfilment as you deserve is none other than the infamous, Eden Heights, where you get to experience luxury in a unique residential space dedicated to providing residents with comfort and extravagance in addition to a world-class sports facility.

Luxury apartments in Accra

Accra is littered with many apartments for rent but not many are luxury apartments. If you are in search of a luxury apartment in Accra then look no further than to one of the top developers in Ghana. What makes Eden Heights’ apartments luxurious is not only limited to the quality of the build or the unique architectural design. We exude luxury in our service to you. Our luxury apartments in Accra are designed to give you royal treatment. Whether it is relaxing by the pool or spending quality time in our spacious rooftop penthouse, the luxury that Eden Heights offers is something to look forward to.

Common features of a luxury apartment in Ghana

You might be new to Ghana and are not sure of what to expect in terms of luxury apartments in Accra. Well, we can assure you that your needs will be exceeded. Eden Heights is designed with world-class standards. Look out for these features when you are in search of a luxury apartment in Accra or Ghana.

●     Architecture

It is no surprise that Accra luxury apartments have certain grandeur, glamourous, and ornamental designs that set them apart from regular square apartment buildings. From the grounds of the apartment to the building itself, Accra luxury apartments are worth every dollar.

●     Location

Most luxury apartments are located in popular well developed areas that have first-class roads, functioning drainage systems, internet accessibility, ample parking space and great security. You can easily find luxury apartments in exclusive communities such as East Legon, Cantonments, Ridge, Airport Residential, North Legon, West Legon and more. These locations offer you privacy and satisfaction.

●     Amenities

Expect to see some amazing facilities within a luxury apartment in Ghana. Luxury apartments offer the residents with top-notch amenities that provide the kind of life they deserve. At Eden Heights, we offer you nifty features like our state of the art sports complex, our to die for fully fitted kitchens and bathrooms, fitness centres and not one, but four swimming pools and much more.

●     Security

While normal regular apartments will offer you some level of security, Accra luxury apartments like Eden Heights, offer you the best of CCTV and other security systems to keep you and your loved ones safe.

●     Amenities

Starting from easy access to parking and transportation, our fully-equipped fitness centre and our basic amenities found in every apartment like reliable, fast Wi-Fi, modern, fully fitted kitchens & bathrooms and central air conditioning.

Eden Heights, Luxury in Accra defined

Eden Heights is not your everyday standard Accra luxury apartment,  it is more than that. It is an illustration of excellence in real estate. Located in the heart of West Accra Ghana, this residential development offers a unique space dedicated to providing residents with comfort and luxury in addition to a world-class sports facility, on-site management office, spacious parking areas, and a  serene environment.

The master-planned development, which is about thirty (30) minutes drive from the Kotoka International Airport and five (5) minutes’ walk from the West Hills Mall will provide residents with convenience, comfort, security, and peace of mind.

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Eden Heights, which is being developed by Westhills Ridge Company Limited, has been carefully designed and constructed to meet safety standards and also to meet the health and lifestyle patterns of the modern city dweller, making it undoubtedly a unique residential destination for luxury in Ghana.

Cost of Accra luxury apartments

Living in a luxury apartment is most definitely worth it. Considering the facilities at your disposal, not many Accra luxury apartments can be bought or rented at these prices. You’re assured of living your best life with us. The price of purchasing a luxury apartment in Ghana can range from anything between $90K to over $600K.

Price list of luxury apartments in Accra

ApartmentStarting price
One-bedroom plus study$115,000  
Two-bedroom deluxe       $130,000  
Three-bedroom plus study      $215,000  
Three-bedroom standard       $168,000  
Four-bedroom      $220,000  
Penthouse standard        $399,000  
Penthouse deluxe$499,000  

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7 reasons why you should move into an Apartment at Eden Heights

If you’re hunting for luxury apartments in Accra-Ghana, then  West hills are just the place to find great options with Eden Heights. Our selection of gorgeous apartments is absolutely exquisite. We ensure residents live in luxury.

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Check out some reasons why we are a great choice for you:

  • Increased Safety

Accra luxury apartments do not only offer you insanely comfortable living but security. Most multi-unit apartment complexes are built in gated communities that offer you extra security, most like Eden Heights offers you 24-hour security check posts, security cameras (CCTV) and extra fire protection. These increased security features make Eden Heights a safe location for you.

  • Easy maintenance

One of the general things that make moving into an apartment so delightful is the fact that it brings down the cost and responsibility of home repairs.   At Eden Heights, we have on-site facility management that takes care of both simple and complex repairs.  At Eden Heights, you do not have to worry about fixing the crack in the sidewalk outside your building,  a broken bed, or a leaky sink. At Eden Heights, all you really need to do is call for facility management staff to come to your aid.

  • A  luxurious life

This is a no-brainer; living in a top-notch luxury apartment at Eden Heights will help you lead a luxurious lifestyle, with our amazing facilities,  amenities and interior decor.  What else is there to live for?

  •  Save Money

 Many people think living in an apartment is not all that it is perked up to be. This is probably because of factors like unstable rent or the fact that most of them can be quite expensive; they do not consider the extra expenses incurred when buying or building a house.  Therefore, buying an apartment with us actually saves you money; the plus side is you get your utility bills slashed.

  •  Great Amenities

Having great and easily accessible amenities is one of the things that make living in a luxury apartment so great. With Eden Heights, you get to experience all these great amenities in a serene environment with amazing interior decor as well.  Amenities like fitness centres, swimming pools, conference facilities really beat living anywhere else seem quite boring.

  • Short-Term Option

Apartments are a great short term option, especially for those who are not interested in a permanent living situation like a house. Living in an apartment gives you the option of moving out when you see fit also with apartments, unlike homes you do not have to worry about being away from the property for too long.

  • Great Community

Living in apartments offers you the opportunity of a warm closed community of people you can interact and mingle with, especially on special occasions.

Types of apartments at Eden Heights

Eden Heights has apartments for people from all walks of life. Our apartments are the perfect location for families with or without kids, those living alone and even the elderly.

Ranging from fully-furnished luxury one-bedroom, one-bedroom plus study, two-bedroom deluxe, three-bedroom plus study, three-bedroom standard, four-bedroom, penthouse standard and the penthouse Deluxe all with Grade ‘A’ finishing and options to customise, we truly have something for everyone.  

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It is no doubt that Eden Heights has the best Accra luxury apartments. We do not compromise on comfort and safety for you or your family. Truly, there’s no place like a home with us. 

Ready to find your next apartment home? Contact us today! We’d be happy to answer any questions and help you find an apartment that works best for you.

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DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.