Textile dealers in Accra have expressed mixed reactions over trade minister’s intended policy to ban imported textiles into the country.

In separate interviews with Joy Business News, some traders in Accra welcomed the policy as a way to shore up local production of textiles in the country.

But they are conscious of the losses they will incur if the policy is implemented.

According to some of them, the imported ones are cheaper and more patronised than the locally produced ones.

They claim the imported textiles are good replicas of local ones, making it difficult for buyers to differentiate between the two products.

Trade and Industry Minister, Ms Hannah Tetteh has lamented the impact of imported textiles on the capacity of the local industry and has hinted her ministry will soon roll out a policy to ban the importation of textiles.

But before the policy takes effect, some of the traders are advocating a a re-look saying a complete ban will not be in the interest of the country. They want the ministry to rather regulate the quantity of textiles imported into the country.