Two men who allegedly raped two teenage girls at knife point along the Abrem-Agona–Ankaase route in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem Municipality, on Thursday appeared before a Circuit Court in Cape Coast.

Kojo Mankatah, a 33-year-old driver and Emmanuel Cudjoe, a 29-year-old Account clerk at the Abrem Agona Health Centre are facing two counts of rape and conspiracy to commit crime.

Their pleas were not taken and were remanded into prison custody until Friday, October 21, pending further investigations.

Prosecuting, Police Chief Inspector Francis Ockom told the court presided over by Mr Samuel Asare-Nyarko that a duplicate docket has been forwarded to the Cape Coast Attorney-General’s office for advice.

Giving the facts of the case he said the victims who are between the ages of 16 and 17 on Tuesday, July 5 this year, went to Elmina to witness the annual Bakatue Festival and later attended a dance section held at the Elmina Highway Shell till after midnight.

He said at about 0130 hours the girls went to Abrem Agona and boarded an Ankaase bound taxi being driven by Mankatah while Cudjoe was at the back seat.

Chief Inspector Ockom said in the middle of their journey, one of the girls asked Mankatah to stop the vehicle for her to urinate but he refused and rather stopped at another location.

He said Mankatah then drew a knife and threatened the two girls that if they did not allow him and his friend have sex with them, he will stab them to death.

Chief Inspector Ockom said the girls started screaming for help but to no avail.

The Prosecutor said while Mankatah brandished his knife at the girls, Cudjoe slapped one of them and locked the doors of the vehicle to prevent them from escaping.

He later put one of them in the boot of the vehicle and forcibly had sexual intercourse with the other at the backseat.

He said when Cudjoe satisfied himself, Mankatah also sexually assaulted the other victim in the backseat after which they collected their mobile phones and a cash of GH¢11, pushed them out of the cab and sped off.

Chief inspector Ockom said the girls managed to report the case to the Abrem Agona Police where they were issued medical forms to attend hospital for examination and treatment.

He said the girls later spotted the accused persons in town, raised the alarm and they were arrested by the police.


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