The Chief of Staff at the Office of the President, Frema Akosua Osei Opare has commended the United Bank for Africa for donating a total amount of US$350,000 (GHS1,925,000) to the Government of Ghana support the fight against the novel Coronavirus pandemic that has rocked the world.

The Chief of Staff, Mrs. Frema Osei Opare was speaking at a short presentation ceremony at the Jubilee House when Senior Executives of the Bank called on the Presidency to make the donation.

Mrs. Osei Opare noted that “the Coronavirus pandemic presents a worrying phenomenon which has necessitated the President making some tough decisions but which has been received well by all including church leaders, market traders, transporters etc to support the actions put in place by the President.”

She noted that the donation would go a long way to support the purchase of necessary materials and logistics to support the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Chief of Staff was full of praise for the United Bank for Africa and sent appreciation to UBA Ghana and UBA Plc for the support not only to Ghana but the rest of Africa and prayed for God’s blessings for all.

Making the presentation, a Non-Executive Director of UBA Ghana, Kwamena Bartels commended the leadership of the President and the actions put in place by the Government of Ghana to help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic. He applauded the bold steps and initiatives taken by the Government to protect the citizenry and the economy from the effect of the pandemic.

Hon. Bartels who was in the company of the Country MD/CEO, Mr. Isong Udom said “the United Bank for Africa (Ghana) Limited (UBA) is moved by the actions of the Government of Ghana and is hereby donating a total amount of US$350,000, out of which US$75,000 has already been donated through the Ghana Association of Bankers (GAB).”

He added that the donation by UBA Ghana through the UBA Foundation is the single largest donation so far by a corporate body in Ghana demonstrating the bank’s commitment to support in critical moments and that “we are not only interested in profit but to also help our people when the need arises.”

MD/CEO of UBA Ghana on his part said that, UBA is committed to support the nation during these challenging times. He disclosed that “UBA Plc (our parent company) has earmarked an amount of US$14million to support the fight against the pandemic in Africa as a Corporate Social Responsibility.”