Former first lady and founder of the National Democratic Party (NDP) Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings had to wait for hours to deliver a speech to a handful of University of Ghana students, Friday.

The program, which was scheduled to start at 5pm in the conference room of Commonwealth Hall, was pushed into the night due to a disagreement between organisers and student leadership.

Organizers told Joy News they had secured permission to stage the program in the conference room while student leadership held that organisers failed to inform the appropriate authority.

Organisers were left with no option, but to move the lecture to the Amphitheatre of the Hall.

The delay meant the punctual guests; Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings and Amandzeba Nat Brew were left isolated and frustrated as they took their seats in the dark on the concrete slabs at the Amphitheatre.

After hours of what one of the organisers, Richard Asante Yeboah, described as sabotage with a political undertone, the program finally took off with internationally celebrated musician, Amandzeba putting up one of his performances.

In his opening remarks, Amandzeba charged the students present to challenge the status quo by taking their destiny into their own hands.

He advised them to be innovative even before they step out of the four walls of the university. That according to him is the surest way they can cut themselves out of the ever increasing numbers of graduate unemployment.

Addressing the student, Nana Konadu in her speech, described as sad, the frustration that characterized the delay of the lecture, which she alleges has a political undertone.

According to her, the decentralization system of governance is not been implemented properly; a situation she says has resulted in the underdeveloped state of the nation.

The outspoken former first lady also charged the youth, particularly graduates, to hold leadership to account for their stewardship to the people.

Failure to do so according to her will lead to despondency, which in the long run will not be in the interest of the country. 

She added that the country must come up with a legally binding long-term plan to help direct and drive the developmental agenda of the country.

"Change will come because of what is happening in the country today. When leaders stay in office for too long they lose touch with the people," Nana Konadu said. 

The founder of NDP said electorates must always look out for competence in whoever they pick to lead the country in the upcoming elections.

Mrs. Rawlings believes that security agencies shouldn't be part of the machinery of the ruling party adding that there is the need to have credible security institutions and equally strong Electoral Commission (EC) that will ensure that rules that are set, are applied fairly to all political parties.

Also, she described as erroneous president Obama's assertion that Ghana needs strong institutions to develop, arguing that there is the need to have even stronger leaders to drive the agenda of every developing nation.