A Ugandan court has ruled that activist Stella Nyanzi must defend herself against charges of cyber harassment and offensive communication against President Yoweri Museveni.

The prosecution accuses Ms Nyanzi of posting a Facebook message in September about the president and his late mother that was deemed to be obscene, lewd and indecent.

The prosecution also says Ms Nyanzi’s post disturbed the peace and right to privacy of the president.

Her lawyer Isaac Semakadde says her defence witnesses include law dons from Uganda’s prestigious Makerere University, where she worked as a researcher.

If convicted of cyber harassment, she could be fined or be jailed for up to three years, or get both a fine and jail time.

Ms Nyanzi was arrested in November and has been jailed in Luzira prison since then. She has refused bail.

She returns to court on the 26 June to start her defence.