US based It’s Just Us Production in partnership with Ghana-based PSG Consult LLC have launched a talk show called It’s Just Us (IJU) Ghana Live.

The show which will be broadcasted on both an online radio and YouTube is to connect Africans at home and Africans in the diaspora by telling black authentic and inspiring stories.

Speaking at the virtual launch on Thursday, the PSG Consult LLC Leader, Paul Semeh said the much anticipated programme will help blacks to exchange their various cultures for growth and stay connected to their root.

He also indicated that since blacks in the diaspora have their roots in Africa, the programme is to bridge the geographical gap created some centuries ago.

“Today, I know our ancestors would be smiling in their graveyards because there is a new movement that seeks to bridge the gap between Africans and the diaspora.

“IJU Ghana Live believes that we got to where we are now as Africans, not because of something we initiated in the world but through something we are planted in – our stories, our culture and ethnicity,” said.

Mr Semeh then urged all Africans across the globe to connect and unite as one people because living away from ‘home’ has created disconnection.

Adding that, “As Africans we need to embrace our own. We need to tell our inspiring stories to the current generation and the generations to come.”

On her part, the founder of IJU, Charlene Bowden said after putting in effort to get to this stage, she is optimistic the programme will be accepted by all.

She also commended all her associates for working earnestly to actualise her dream.