Deputy Minister-designate for Roads and Highways, Stephen Pambin Jalula

The recent surge in robbery cases in the country has left many concerned and worried, and members of Parliament’s Appointments Committee are not excluded.

During his vetting on Thursday, June 10, Deputy Minister-designate of Roads and Highways, Stephen Pambin Jalula narrated how he came face to face with death when he was attacked by armed robbers.

According to MP for Pru West, it happened on his way to a funeral ceremony at the Kpandai District in 2018, where he was ordered to lie on the ground.

“Honourable Chairman, I have personally fallen victim to an armed robbery incident in 2018. I was crossing over to a funeral in the Kpandai district and just after Makango. Armed robbers crossed me and they made me come out of my car, lie down, did everything they wanted before we were allowed to move,” Mr Jalula said.

Member of the Committee, the MP for Salaga South , Zuwera Alhassan blamed the surge of robbery cases on the dilapidated roads all over the country which have emboldened armed robbers to engage in such despicable acts.

In recent times, several incidents of robbery have been recorded on the eastern corridor of the Bono East Region.

A military officer, Sgt. Odei Job Kwame was shot dead by suspected armed robbers on the Prang-Kintampo road in the Pru East District of the Bono East Region on Friday, May 21.

According to Stephen Pambin Jalula, the absence of a police command in the Pru West District is among many reasons for this menace.

He is, therefore, of the belief that the presence of a police command within the region will deter such acts.

“We do not have the Police Command in Pru West District though we are a district. On paper, we are told we are a district, we have a district command but they have not established it as a fact. If we are able to get it done, maybe the incidence of armed robbery will reduce,” he stated.

He further revealed that the Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery will be contacted to ensure the district receives a police command.

“We will speak to the Interior Minister so that a police command can be established for Pru West and beyond that we need logistics and personnel.”

Meanwhile, Mr Pambin Jalula has entreated persons in affected areas to reach out to the police when they receive information to ensure such culprits are apprehended.

“Citizens must be vigilant to report any characters they suspect that may be involved in robbery cases so that investigations could be carried out so they are arrested. We believe that it is the sons and daughters within the area who do that,” he added.