CEO of Exclusive Events, organisers of the Miss Ghana pageant, Inna Mariam Patty has revealed she has the franchise to organise the pageant till eternity.

According to the former beauty queen, she will not let go off the franchise even in the face of adversity.

She told JoyNews’ MzGee that, Miss Ghana is the country’s national pride.

“Miss Ghana is not only about cash, car and crown. It is about service to the country. This vision has been carried through from when Reginald Laryea was running Miss Ghana, up until some point Shirley leased the franchise for five years and now we have taken over completely,” she said.

“Yes, we bought the franchise, that is what people do not get and then they bash us on radio and say this one should come over and step in and I say how unfortunate,” she said. 

Asked if she will trade the franchise in the wake of all the controversies, Inna Patty, who won the pageantry in 2004, said;

“No, not at all, when I sit back and reflect, it saddens me because you’ve sacrificed a lot of time, effort, resources to impact society, to position your country out there and people do not appreciate it …but it is something that I am passionate about.”

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