Villa Monticello wins World Travel Awards

Managers of the award-winning hotel, Villa Monticello are attributing the company’s latest recognition in international circles to the innovative services they introduced.

Villa Monticello run predominantly by women was adjudged Ghana’s leading hotel at the World Travel Awards earlier this month.

The hotel also won the award in 2012 and 2013.

This is the fourth time the hotel, which turns five years Monday, April 18, has achieved this feat.

Daryl Kwawu spoke to the Assistant General Manager of Villa Monticello Anita Ottenhof and the Food and Beverage Manager Gladys Awotwi Pratt.

According to them, they are offering world class service that meets international standards over the years and so it comes as no surprise to them that the hotel is winning international awards.

"In Ghana, people are okay with okay service, but we need to do something to show we can also compete internationally. So we don't take or offer okay service," said Pratt. 

Villa Monticello was also awarded Ghana's best boutique hotel and their Kwame Nkrumah Suite was adjudged the leading hotel suite.

"In the coming years, we are looking forward to improving the service and if possible expand, but that depends on how business goes,"  said Ottenhof. 

They believe Ghana’s hospitality industry could break new grounds despite the unfavorable business environment.