Police in the Volta Region are asking a 17-year-old Senior Secondary School graduate who attempted to stop the corruption of a police officer by the driver of a mini bus to get ready for court.

Prince Yawson was arrested on Saturday and detained for 12 hours for shouting ‘bribery and corruption’ after seeing the driver of the vehicle he was travelling on line his driver’s license with cedi notes meant to bribe a police officer who had stopped their vehicle at a check point.

Master Yawson, who Joy News later found out was going home to his family at Kpeje after completing his SSS education at the Labone Secondary School in Accra, was eventually released on bail at 11 pm, 12 hours after he was arrested and only after the Regional Commander, DCOP Bernard Derry had intervened.

Prince, shortly before his arrest, had shouted ‘ayekoo’ (well done) to the same arresting police officer upon stopping the vehicle, to which salutation the policeman responded ‘yaayei’ (thank you/ you’re welcome), but he would not have any of Prince’s admonition after he was alleged to have picked the cash, following which Prince exclaimed ‘bribery and corruption.’

Pleas from other passengers could not secure Prince Yawson’s release from the grips of the angry policeman, and a co-traveller Razak, who said he witnessed the policeman take the bribe, abandoned his journey to support the young boy.

At the Ho Central Police Station, Prince said he was so afraid he had to deny the charge of corruption against the police officer when asked to write a statement, but he maintained the policeman did take the money.

He is to report to the station on Monday, and according to DCOP Bernard Derry, he would have to help in investigations into the matter.

Prince said the police told him he could face a charge of offensive conduct against a police officer.