Members of the Wa Kejetia lorry station Street Youth have cautioned politicians who plan to engage them to cause confusion during this year’s general elections to revise their notes.

The youth group says those politicians will fail because they will not be part of any attempt to foment trouble.

Speaking at a press conference in Wa, spokesperson for the group Mahama Sufyani said they have chosen the path of peace and will never allow themselves to be used to inflict pain on their brothers and sisters.

In the same vein, they say they will need a peaceful environment to carry on with their economic and daily activities, explaining that it is through these activities that they are able to survive.

Mr. Mahama explained that the essence of the press conference was to let people know that they have come of age and that they can no longer be used by anybody be it a politician, a chief or a religious leader to cause mayhem.

“We have been sensitized on our constitutional rights and responsibilities, electoral process, diversity in democracy and conflict prevention and management. We want to participate in the elections meaningfully and allow others to freely participate in the electoral processes,” he added.

Mr. Mahama further stated that 25 of them have received training and have been educating their peers on the need to participate fully in the elections and also to abstain from violence. They acknowledged the tremendous role played by Youth Alive and Star Ghana for building their capacities for the task ahead.

“We were easily influenced by these politicians because of our low level of education and the low income we earned. Again we lack the understanding of diversity in democracy and the need to tolerate each other. We were never bothered about who got elected or not. We were only interested in what the politicians brought or promised us,’’ he revealed.

They appealed to all youth wings of all the various political parties to join them in their campaign for a violence-free election, stressing the need to channel their strengths and energies into productive activities to make Ghana a better place for all.


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