The 'Dzolalians'

Keta SHS alumni have said that they are hopeful of winning this year’s National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) championship to push for the construction of a sea defence wall close to the school.

The old students believe that the immediate construction of the wall will save the institution from being washed away by the sea.

Speaking to JoyNews at the sidelines of the ongoing national competition on Tuesday, Francis Kattah said the existence of the school, which is one of the best in the Volta Region, is threatened by the sea.

“It [the sea] poses an existential threat to us because if the sea continues to eat our land, [and] nothing is done about it, very soon our existence will be no more because it will ravage our school from existence.”

“The school was far from the sea but now we are few kilometers from the sea; so, we are pleading with those in authority to salvage the situation by giving the construction of the sea defence project the needed priority,” he told JoyNews’ Nana Yaw Gyimah.

According to Mr. Kattah, the school’s ability to claim the NSMQ trophy will help to facilitate the sea defence project which has stalled for some time now.

“We wanted to make a statement and I believe through this contest and the score line, we have been able to make that much needed statement,” he added.

Ketasco defeated Adventist SHS and Fomena T.I Amass by a 26 point difference in the first contest on Monday at the Saarah- Mensah auditorium at KNUST.

Their victory qualified them to the quarter-final stage of the competition.

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