A 30-year-old woman (name withheld) who was born without a vagina is getting help from doctors and some Ghanaian philanthropist so she could go for surgery and get a vagina.

The distressed lady told Adom News amidst tears that for 30 years she only had a small hole at her private part through which she urinates, but the place is completely sealed from birth.

She said she only realized at age 12 that she did not have a normal vagina like other girls around her but she had not been bold to come out and say it until now.

“I have a craving for sexual intercourse but the place cannot be penetrated so even though men have come into my life I have not be able to be very intimate with any of them,” she lamented.

“I have attempted to commit suicide on several occasions but my friends reassure me that it will be well,” she said.

The woman said her greatest desire now is to be able to fulfill her longing for sexual intercourse and also be able to give birth.

“I want to know how it feels like to have sex and to be pregnant and have a baby,” she said.

Since she told her story, a kind Gynaecologist, Dr. Ofori Boadu of the Ashanti Regional Hospital offered to do the surgery for her for free.

The doctor said the initial test reveal the woman has a history of primary amenorrhea, adding that an ultrasound tests also revealed absence of the uterus.

He said there is a need to do an MRI of the pelvis and abdomen to determine what is possible for the woman.

Dr. Boadu told Adom News creating a vagina for the woman to be able to have sex is possible, but he is yet to be determine if she can conceive and give birth.

He also noted that the test showed the lady has more male hormones than female hormones, but the deformity can be corrected.

Dr. Boadu said he needs only GH₵ 5000 to do additional tests and the surgery itself.

Meanwhile the Dormaa Government Hospital has offered to bear half of the cost, while one Ata Dabone and family also of Dormaa have offered to pay the other half.