Some constituency executives, elders and over 60 branch executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Yendi have protested against re-appointment of Issah Zakaria as the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the area.

Constituency Youth Organiser, Musah Tahiru Nyaba, said President Mahama's decision to reappoint Mr Zakaria “came to the Municipality as a dismay and shock and has also since thrown the area into tension".

He said if the MCE is not immediately addressed, the NDC may lose the Yendi seat in 2016 general elections.

Musah Tahiru Nyaba made the call at a joint news conference by the NDC constituency executives, branch and elders of the party in the area.

According to them, communities such as Bagbani, Dagbanja Yili and Kpasana have requested for assistance for the past three years from the MCE to re-roof schools ripped off by rainstorm but they were turned down.

The situation, the NDC executives say, has compelled school children in those areas to study under trees.

 “These communities happen to be our strong hold and due to this the communities are not happy about the party for which we do not know the consequences in 2016 general election”, Musah Tahiru Nyaba said at the press conference.

Constituency Chairman Ibrahim Mohammed, elders of the party in the constituency and the Yendi NDC organiser also said they were not consulted before Mr Zakaria was re-appointed.

 “We are reliably informed that, some few individuals have influenced the re-nomination of Issah Zakaria because of their selfish gains. So we are appealing to the President to revoke the re-appointment”, the said.

They accused the MCE of forging some letters and other documents to deceive his superiors that the constituency chairman and other stakeholders are in support of his re-nomination.

Meanwhile the Municipal Chief Executive Issah Zakaria when contacted said the Yendi municipal assembly under his leadership has seen development.

He outlined the construction of the Yendi market storey and lorry park among others as initiatives that has formed the basis for his re-appointment by the President.