It's always exciting to start a new relationship, but we often forget about the ridiculously awkward parts that accompany that just-started-dating period.

So if you recently started seeing someone new, you might want to prepare yourself for these uncomfortable moments that you're bound to encounter within the first few months. But hey, love is worth it, right?

You have no idea if it's the right time to add him on Facebook. Is this more of a third date thing or a once-you're-exclusive thing? You don't want to freak them out by getting too serious too soon, but is Facebook friendship really that serious? WHY ISN'T THERE A PROTOCOL FOR THIS?!

You're still trying to figure out what his weird sex sounds mean. Does the grunting mean he likes it? Because it kind of sounds like he's in pain…

You want to tell him what you like in bed. The sex isn't perfect, but if you gave him some direction it would probably get a lot better. Maybe if you just move your hips a little to the right. Wait, why is he going the opposite direction? OK, time to use your words.

You accidentally insulted something he loves. How were you supposed to know he played band in high school or absolutely loves teacup poodles? Now you're apologizing profusely and seriously considering buying him a tiny dog just to relieve your guilt.  

He cooks you dinner…full of food you don't eat. He offered to make you a home-cooked meal, but you're vegan/gluten-free/deathly allergic to shellfish. Right, you totally forgot to talk food preferences on the second date. Well, your options are limited here so you can either order takeout or fake a stomach flu—your choice.  

Your first fart. Did he hear it? Should you just pretend you didn't do it, or should you own up to it and pretend it's totally cool? Can you just run away?

His first fart. Yep, just as bad. Should you pretend you didn't hear anything? Because he's not saying anything but you totally heard him fart just now.

He overstays his welcome. You love spending weekends lounging in bed with him, but you're missing your alone time a little bit. Plus, you have things to do.

He asks you to Google something on his computer and you find porn. You were typing in Bookstores when Google suggested "Boob Porn." I mean he obviously watches porn, most guys do. But should you pretend you never saw it? Casually bring it up the next time you're in bed? Clear his search history for him? Where is Emily Post's recommendation on this one?

You're drunk together for the first time. Who knows if he gets overly affectionate or frat-boy silly after one too many beers? Well, you're about to find out.  

The morning after you're drunk together for the first time. Should you bring up the fact that he said he wants you to come on his family vacation with him? Did you dream that he said "I love you," or did that actually happen? This would all be so much easier to figure out if your head didn't hurt so bad.    

You finally have the “what are we” talk. You probably had a million chances to have this chat, but somehow it always gets brushed off until that fateful moment when an outsider drops the “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” bomb before either of you did. Yep, things just got real.