Top Nigerian hiphop music star 2Face Idibia, who is now one of the hottest selling artistes in Africa, is the proud father of twins who were delivered last Wednesday.

Pero Adeniyi delivered two baby boys for the ‘African Queen’ crooner in far away Barbados, Caribbean Island.

Pero, who is the daughter of Chief Jide Adeniyi, a multi millionaire businessman, had a daughter some years back for the musician.

Apart from being a proud father of the twins, 2Face who is regarded as one of the most successful musicians in Africa today, is expecting a baby from another girlfriend, Annie Macaulay, who is also pregnant at the moment.

It is however not known whether the girlfriend who is pregnant will also give birth to twins.

2face Idibia is no doubt a delight to watch on stage, but what many do not know is that the hip-hop star has fallen prey to the wily ways of all sorts of ladies. Now it appears he has bitten more than he can chew.

Reports gathered by Beatwaves indicate that three girls have informed him they are carrying his babies, although the ‘African Queen’ crooner is indifferent.

Information has it that somewhere in December last year, one of the girls informed him that she was pregnant for him, but 2 Face never took it seriously.

Late last month, two others came up with the same story, and attempts to persuade them to get rid of the ‘unwanted’ pregnancies proved futile as the ladies insisted that even if the musician is not ready to take responsibility, they are okay bearing the children for him, believing that God would take care of them.

In September last year, 2face survived bullets of armed bandits when they attacked him along Apapa-Oshodi Road on his return from a foreign trip.

The gunmen, three in number, were said to have ambushed 2face’s car in the company of two of his friends who had picked him up from the airport, and opened fire through the rear of the vehicle, injuring the Benue-born music star.

This is the second time the ace musician has been attacked.
He had earlier been attacked by armed men who besieged his then Festac residence, fracturing his neck amidst several injuries in what was termed a robbery attack.

The artiste, whose song, ‘African Queen’ won the song of the decade at the Nigeria Music Awards, has released the video CD of his latest work Grace To Grass which has hit-song, As You See Me So.

2 face has won so many awards including MTV Europe Awards 2005, Best African Act MOBO Awards 2005, Best African Act (Nominated), MOBO Awards 2007, Best African Act (Won) Channel ‘O’ Music Video Awards 2005, Best Male Video and Best African Video (both for “African Queen”) KORA Awards 2005, Revelation of the Year, Hip Hop World Awards 2006, Special Recognition Award, Nigeria Entertainment Awards 2006, Special Recognition Award, and Nigeria Breakthrough Artist of the Year.

Source: Daily Guide


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