2 Sandals!

So I went to Mass this morning. That’s normal for a Tuesday morning in my life.

During the service, I happened to glance down at my feet, as one does during a distracted prayer while standing. Now I have 2 pairs of sandals that look somewhat similar. Let’s call them sandal 1 and sandal 2.

As far as I knew I had selected sandal 1 before I left home. But when I looked down, at my left foot, I seemed to be wearing sandal 2. The prayer ended and my attention was jerked back to the priest.

It was a good service; I deejayed for the priest when he got married many moons ago, so I am totally biased. And there was an amazing creature in blue floating around. Truly, she was a divine assemblage of heavenly parts!

It was only when I got home later, and I took my sandals off, that I realised that my left foot was indeed ensconced in sandal 2…..but my right foot was wearing sandal 1! Ebei!!

Now if this had happened after I saw that angel in blue I would have blamed her at once. But she wasn’t there when I was getting dressed this morning (a good thing). So how did I manage to pick 2 different sandals to wear, and then walk out confidently?

Shouldn’t the angel at home have noticed when she was kissing me goodbye? And what about the househelp when I was getting into the car?? And the dogs when they were sniffing my feet??? And the priest when I was greeting him after Mass????

The moral of this story? When you get past a certain age you need to really focus on the little things….like sandals. If they are all black…

Do you think God noticed when I went for communion…? I need to put that forward as a prayer topic when next I attend a prayer meeting (this evening actually).