20 worse marriage proposals

Most people mean well when they propose to their significant others. However, when an individual pops the question in any of these 20 scenarios, things are bound to go wrong.

20. Making the question a statement

A proposal should end with a question. If you don’t give your partner the option to say yes or no, how do you expect to get any kind of answer?

19. Clichés

Don’t steal someone’s old marriage idea…be creative and really take time to think of a way to propose to your honey in a sweet and unique way. Try to make the moment as unforgettable as you can.

18. Rushed proposal

Pick a time to propose to your significant other when both you and that person can spend some much needed time together after. How would it look if you rushed off to somewhere else after you just asked your partner to spend the rest of their life with you?

17. Another wedding

Don’t steal the spotlight from the newlyweds. Weddings are special, but it is not the right time for you to profess your love to your partner at someone else’s romantic occasion.

16. Rude awakening

You might consider it a romantic gesture, but not many people would enjoy being woken up out of their sleep to answer a question.

15. Fake out

Unless your boo understands your sense of humour, don’t pretend to propose only to do something completely different. You will only end up making the situation awkward if your intentions are to ask your partner for their hand in marriage at a later time.

14. Too complicated

Don’t frustrate your partner with riddles or puzzles. Your marriage proposal should be simple, unique and beautiful – not something that will make your honey tear his/her hair out.

13. At the wrong moment

 If your partner is already stressed about something, don’t make matters worse with a proposal. They already have enough on their plate, a marriage proposal would only add on to stress. Wait for the perfect moment – when your love is happy and care-free.

12. Kidnapping

It is never a good idea to kidnap someone – even if it is a joke. Don’t expect your honey to accept your proposal if you try this technique.

11. Too much drink

If you and your partner have had too much drink, it’s best to leave out plans of marriage until the next morning.

10. No talking in theaters

Why would you propose to your loved one in a movie theater? Technically, you’re even supposed to talk in a cinema.

9. Where’s the food

An accident is waiting to happen if you hide engagement ring in food. Think about it. Your partner might not realize any difference and accidentally swallow the sparkler.

8. Tourist trap

If attention is what you’re after, then ignore this piece of advice. Proposing in a well-known spot full of tourist will result in flashing cameras, dramatic gestures and sounds, etc. this is the wrong move to make if you’re going for something a little more intimate.

7. Snail mail

If you truly want to make an impression, propose in person. Besides, waiting on snail mail would take forever.

 6. Social media

Don’t tweet or Facebook a marriage proposal from now, you don’t want that to be the story you tell your children.

5. Over the phone

You can’t convey much emotion over a telephone. Your partner might even think your proposal is a joke.

4. Via text

Texting a marriage proposal is one of the worse ideas ever. Don’t do it or risk ruining your relationship.

3. Guilt trip

No one wants to feel like they’re only with someone out of convenience. Get married because you can’t see yourself with anyone else – not because you feel like you have to.

2. Just playing around

If you’re not serious about marrying your partner, don’t joke around and ask.

1.No ring

Why propose to your honey if you don’t even have a ring yet? Make sure you’re completely ready before you pop the question.