National Democratic Congress General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia has said the party lost the 2016 general elections because it changed a winning team in 2014.

He told Joy News' Kwesi Parker-Wilson, replacements of National Chairman, National Organiser, National Youth Organiser and womens' organiser caused the defeat.

At the December 2014 National Delegates Congress, Kwabena Adjei who led the party to 2008, and 2012 victories was replaced by Kofi Portuphy as National Chairman.

A similar fate fell on another election-winning executive Yaw Boateng Gyan who was voted out for Kofi Adams as National Organiser.

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Photo: Kofi Portuphy and Kofi Adams

Asiedu Nketia, credited with 2008 and 2012 victories was retained but the party lost power.

"I am a constant factor in the two victories and third defeat so when you are looking for causes of our defeat, you look at the changes that took place"

Asiedu Nketia said if 2+2=4 and you replace one of the '2' with '3' the result is five meaning if you change a winning team, you can only expect to lose.

He said some in the party felt he had grown too powerful and therefore sought to "clip his wings" by sponsoring candidates to decimate the 2008, 2012 winning team.

He said their campaign message for some of these aspirants was "if you vote for me, I am going to clip his wings". "Those who felt their objective was to clip my wings, won and then we went into elections and lost".

In analyzing the abysmal defeat since the party was formed in 1992, the NDC General Secretary said "you don't look at the constant factors, you look at the variables that came on board"

He argued that if the "main objective" of the new entrants to the NDC National Executive Committee was "not to clip the feet of the elephant" but that of the party's General Secretary "then we will be left with less power to win the elections".

The NDC General Secretary said despite the party's defeat, his political reputation remains intact.

He suggested a confidential report that chronicled factors that led to their defeat does not include any accusations about his leadership.

"All the discussions about Kwesi Botchwey report, did you hear a single comment about me or about my performance?" he asked the reporter.

Asiedu Nketia is expected to seek re-election in the national delegates congress in October 2018 to elect new national leaders.